[dt_sc_titled_box title=”30 Day Fast Track Athletic Performance” icon=””]Our Intensive Training Program will help athlete reach ultimate athletic performance in half the time.[/dt_sc_titled_box]
  • Weeks 1-2

    In this plan athletes will sharpen their skills, with speed, strength, sprinting and conditioning.

  • Weeks 2-3

    Athletes will train according to condition and skill.

  • Weeks 3-4

    They will use drills, running techniques, reaction, drive and acceleration, and speed maintenance.

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Tyree Washington:USA

200m – 20.10sec, 400m – 44.28sec, Bronze and Gold medalist 1997 World Championships, Gold medalist 400m 2003 World outdoor championships, Gold medalist 400m 2003 World Indoor Championships, Member of U.S. World record team 4 x 400m, National Junior College 200m/400m record holder. Ranked number one in the world, 2003 by IAAF.

Ibrahim Meite: Ivory Coast

2000 Sydney Olympian, 100m – 10.15sec, 200m – 20.74sec, 60m – 6.58sec