The Best Athletic Performance at Home Workouts

Did you ever hear the saying, Train Insane or Remain the Same?



Have you ever heard an athlete say I just want to be an average player or athlete?



You want to do and be the best no matter what you do.



We are introducing our 90 day extreme athletic training program. It is full of action packed training.



This program is not for the faint of heart. It’s for serious athletes who want to sharpen their skills in a short period of time.

Meet some of the clients who did just that……

 200m – 20.10sec, 400m – 44.28sec, Bronze and Gold medalist 1997 World Championships, Gold medalist 400m 2003 World outdoor championships, Gold medalist 400m 2003 World Indoor Championships, Member of U.S. World record team 4 x 400m, National Junior College 200m/400m record holder. Ranked number one in the world, 2003 by IAAF.

Tyree Washington: USA

2000 Sydney Olympian, 100m – 10.15sec, 200m – 20.74sec, 60m – 6.58sec  

Ibrahim Meite: Ivory Coast

National junior College high
jump record holder – 6’ 2” Member of the U.S.A. World Junior national team

Rachel McCoy – Chaffey College/U.S.A.

Fabianne Faerez: France
400m – 51.52sec, Member of the French women 4 x 400m relay team for the 1999/2001/2003 World Championships. 2004 Greece & 2008 Beijing Olympian.
Josh Mance: U.S.A.
2012 London Olympian 4 x 400m relay. 2010       

California State High School Champion- 400m – 45.90sec. Two times Silver medalist 400m world junior championships 2009 & 2010, 

 Personal best: 400m – 44.83 sec.

Lawretta Ozoh: Nigeria
2012 National champion 200m, silver Medalist African championships 200m and Londo Olympian. Personal best: 100m – 11.19 sec, 200m – 22.74sec

100m – 10.04sec, 200m – 20.02sec, Bronze medalist 4 x 400 Sidney 2000 Olympics, 2004 & 2008 Olympian, Silver medalist 200m 2001 World Outdoor Championships and Goodwill Games, ranked number two in the world in the 200m by the IAAF in 2001,and #4 from 2003-2006. Jamaican Male athlete of the year 2001. 

Christopher Williams: Jamaica

100m – 9.99sec, 200m – 20.34sec, Gold medalist 4 x 100 U.S. A. 2001 World Championships

Mickey Grimes: USA

90 Day Extreme Athletic Training for Athletes


As with our 30 days program, this also entails evaluation of the athlete’s physical condition and stamina.


Weeks 1-3: General /Aerobic Conditioning and core training


Weeks 4-6: Drills, proper lifting and running techniques, Cardio conditioning and strength training


Weeks 7-9: Speed endurance training


Weeks 10-12: This is the stage where everything comes together. Accelerations/Speed training.

Meet the Coach who came up this spectacular athletic fast track program that was formulated especially for you to get to the next level!



He is finally letting some of these amazing secrets out and releasing them to the public.



With Coach Blackman’s guidance and fitness techniques, you can reach your fitness goals.




Watch the video below on who he is and who he has worked with to get the next level!

90 Day Training plan

With a mix of agility, power, cardio, strength and conditioning training, you’ll be on your way to being bigger, faster, and more explosive.

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90 Day Supplementation

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