Horny GoatWeed-Supports increased sexual drive, increased testosterone, reducedprogression of atherosclerosis, increased nitric oxide levels, andreduced arterial (blood vessel) inflammation levels.

Macca RootPowder-Support female hormonal health via increased sex drive,  improved post-menopausal symptoms, and improved sexual desire.

Saw Palmetto-Supports prostate health, cardiovascular health, and increased hair growth.

Panax Ginseng-Apoptogenic herb that supports antioxidant function, cognitivefunction, increased muscle mass, combats inflammation, stabilizesblood pressure, enhances sexual health, and enhances endurance performance.

Sarsaparilla Root-Supports Antioxidant activity, antimicrobial activity, immune systemactivity, and skin health.

Tongkat Ali (powder)-Reduces stress hormones (cortisol), increases free testosterone,enhances mood, and supports sexual function.

L-Arginine -Natural vasodilator precursor to increased nitric oxide levels.

Muira Puma Extract- Supports sexual vitality in males and females, reduces stress, andincreases blood flow to sexual organ

Oat Straw-May support antioxidant function and cardiovascular health.

Nettle-Supports blood sugar regulation and urinary health.

Cayenne Pepper-Combats diarrhea, cramps, and muscle inflammation .●Decreases muscle soreness and increases muscle strength.

Astragalus Root-Supports immune health, improves blood sugar regulation, andreduces inflammatory markers seen in gastrointestinal chronicdiseases.

Catuba Bark-May support antioxidant function.

Licorice Root-Supports anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and antimicrobialproperties.

TribulusTerrestris-Supports sexual function, increased testosterone, cardiovascularhealth, supports healthy urinary tract function, supports athleticperformance, and aids as a neuroprotective agent. ●Supports sexual health, viaactivating aphrodisiacs, increased spermatogenesis, sperm motility, increased free testosterone, andincrease of androgenic (hormone) action via the activation ofendogenous testosterone production.

Boron-Supports increased bone mineral density, muscle function, hormonal balance, and immune function.

Pumpkin SeedExtract-Supports urinary health, and immune function.

Oyster Extract-Reduces inflammation and supports joiny health.

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