Body Weight Exercise

Squat Exercise Stand up straight with your feet distance a bit wider than your hip and toes pointed outward slightly. Raise your arms crossed in front of your chest for balance during movement. Start bend your knees and lower your hips, like your sitting in a bench, so your quads will be parallel to floor. […]

Best Upper Body Exercises At Home

1. Dumbbell curls Targets: biceps Stand or sit with a dumbbell in each hand, arms at your side, feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your elbows close to your torso and rotate the dumbbells so the palms of your hands are facing your body. This is your starting position. Take a deep breath and when you exhale, […]

Upper Body Home Workout

Weight Workouts 1. Resistance band pull apart Targets: back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders Stand with your arms out in front of you at chest height. Hold a resistance band tightly between your hands so the band is parallel to the ground. Keeping both arms straight, pull the band toward your chest by moving your arms […]