Detoxifier 2.0


*Detox your body

*Feel energized

*Lose Weight

*High fiber

*Colon cleanse

*Athletic performance

*Gut health

  • Antioxidants: Powerful blend of antioxidants including acai berry, ginger root, papaya and much more. All these ingredients are natural detox and have cleansing and health-boosting powers.
  • Powerful Ingredients: We have made our Psyllium Husk Detox with our proprietary blend which includes the following amazing and powerful ingredients: Black Walnut Powder, Papaya Fruit Powder, Inulin, Acai Berry Extract, Lycopene. Psyllium Husk, Slippery Elm Bark, Aloe Ferox Powder, Chlorella Powder, and Ginger Root Powder.
  • Benefits: This all-natural detox is made with a mixture of powerful ingredients whose benefits extend to holistic health. This supplement supports detox as well as helps improve your overall health including supporting weight loss, immune system, skin health, helps protect cells from free radicals and many other holistic benefits.
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Our Detoxifier 2.0 contains a complex blend of antioxidants including acai berry, ginger root, papaya and much more. These ingredients are well known for their amazing health benefits. Acai berries have long been acknowledged as an energy boosting, and antioxidant fruit. Papaya is packed with antioxidant rich nutrients. Papaya also contains a natural enzyme called Papain. It works like bromelain to help with athletic recovery. Black Walnut Hulls and Chlorella Powder  support healthy detoxification. Ginger root is useful for the digestive tract and immune health.

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